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The Techie Setup Stuff – creating a subdomain

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Your Truval landing page is a stand-alone micro website, hosted by TruVal with its own URL web address which will get created once you sign up.

It will start off like this

https:/ – a generic TruVal web address with your business’ reference on the end (in this case bax for Baxters)

You can point Potential Vendors at that if you don’t mind them knowing that it’s a separate website.

However, the better approach is to create a subdomain  (that’s a word and a fullstop prefix in front of your domain) and point that at your TruVal page. Baxters the Fake Estate Agents use and whilst you can use any word you want, unless you have a better idea, I’d recommend following suit.

As these are generic instructions, substitute your domain (in Baxters case, that’s for YOURDOMAIN in all the examples below. If you use a word other than valuation, substitute that too!

It could be that if you’ve previously used one of TruVal’s competitors, you may already have valuation.YOURDOMAIN set up. If so, that’s great news – you just need to point valuation.YOURDOMAIN at your TruVal landing page instead and then all of your website links, social media post links, email footer links etc will work straight away.

Subdomains are created by adding new Domain Name Server (DNS) settings to YOURDOMAIN. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry. When you registered YOURDOMAIN, the company you registered it with would have given someone access to a control panel that allows DNS settings to be changed. DNS is the internet’s way of telling visitors where to find the resources they are accessing. Email might need to go to one server. Website traffic might need to go to another. In this case, we want the valuation.YOURDOMAIN traffic to go to the TruVal servers. 

Common domain registration businesses include GoDaddy, Fasthosts, 1-2-3 Reg, 1-2-1 and Rackspace. If you’ve got a login to one of these, great! If not, your IT guy or your website designer may have it. Ideally, get one of those guys to do the changes for you. However, the changes take 5 minutes or less so don’t get stung with a big bill.

So, here’s the changes that need to be made. Don’t forget that YOURDOMAIN is your equivalent of – no http etc in front.

The first 2 steps marked * are only necessary if you have an existing valuation.YOURDOMAIN subdomain)

Action required DNS Type Item New Value
Remove* CNAME valuation.YOURDOMAIN  
Remove* CNAME www.valuation.YOURDOMAIN  
Add CNAME www.valuation.YOURDOMAIN
Add TXT asuid.valuation.YOURDOMAIN ED4893D1E50891A11F35F1B4CC87E30ECCB2F9571FD751EBEE0FBD078D80EED9
Add TXT asuid.www.valuation.YOURDOMAIN ED4893D1E50891A11F35F1B4CC87E30ECCB2F9571FD751EBEE0FBD078D80EED9

Once you’ve done this, please email me – or call/text – 07555 100950. I have to do some changes at my end and I like to get it all working whilst I’ve got your attention!

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