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Configuring your Agency Details

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I’ll have set the basics up but there are a few things that you need to check in this section.

You do this from the Truval Admin Panel – see Getting Started withe Truval Admin

Choose Agency Details from the left hand menu

The form below is displayed

make sure your business name and address has been set up correctly. You only need to enter head office details if you have multiple branches.

The email address will be the default email address for all enquiries if you don’t set up separate postcode configurations.

The Website URL (2) is the page you want visitors to go to when they click Return to Website at your TruVal landing page. Bear in mind that your page might get used as a stand alone landing page for social media campaigns. So, I’d recommend setting this to your website’s home page and will have done this for you in my basic setup. Do please check, though. Note that it needs the http:// or https:// bit at the start.

The Microsite URL (3) is very important. The TruVal service uses it to display the correct landing page. Normally, this is just your domain without any prefixes or subdomains. In the example above, it is set to but in the unusual situation where a bigger business might have multiple TruVal landing pages (they normally have just the one), it could be or Personally, I wouldn’t take this approach to it – I’d create subdomains along the lines of – it saves the need for complex redirections at your end.

The remaining items are fixed. However, the TruVal Code can be used as part of a stand alone URL if you don’t have a subdomain (that’s any word plus a full stop ahead of your domain – ie The standalone URL for your landing page is CODE – so in Baxters’ case that’s I’ll have set up and emailed you your standalone URL when you sign up. I really wouldn’t recommend using it other than to test everything, though – it looks very weird on Facebook posts.

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