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Maximise Valuation Requests from Property Owners

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You need to encourage as many property owners as possible to visit your TruVal landing page.

Property Owners love the idea of ’60 second instant valuations’ so that’s probably the marketing angle to focus on.

Other TruVal subscribers have put banners on their websites, links in their email footers and have created social media campaigns – all linking to your TruVal landing page. It, in turn, has a link back to your website. One sneaky trick is to link any banner adverts on Rightmove and other portals to your TruVal landing page.

Here’s an example banner that I created – it links to – my fake agent’s TruVal landing page

I used a free tool called to create this. I have absolutely no artistic skills yet Canva made it every easy. If you don’t have your own graphics designer, give it a go!

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