If your myval powered instant valuation tool has gone missing, I have a solution that can include a free 90 day trial. Watch the YouTube video below that explains what’s happened and how I can fix it.


We’ve received correspondence from you. Who are you?

I’m Mike Griffiths. I was the founder of Expert Agent but now I’m a one-man band software consultant. I’m keen to help with a problem you may not be aware of.

Why have you contacted us?

I’ve been made aware that the instant valuation tools provided by MyVal stopped working last week – resulting in broken links and missing content on lots of estate agent’s websites. I’m told that Myval.co.uk disappeared at the same time. Here’s an example of a broken MyVal link


Are you similarly affected? If so, I can help! Please read on and/or watch the video above

How can you help us?

Since 2021, I’ve been developing and selling what I consider to be a better Instant Valuation replacement called TruVal.

Just like other Instant Valuation Tools it is a landing page for your marketing and social media that’s customised with your branding and your message.

However, unlike other tools it won’t give potential vendors unrealistic expectations, it won’t work for timewasters and it won’t damage your professional reputation.

It’s real purpose is to generate proper valuation appointments – across the 200 or more businesses that use it, 20% of visiting potential vendors upgrade to a valuation appointment. Read More about it, watch the video and try the live demo by clicking here

I’d be delighted to quickly set up a TruVal powered landing page to replace your missing MyVal powered page.

I set up and deployed this one less than 8 hours after they signed up.

What will it cost us?

Just £22.50+VAT per month on a rolling contract – no upfront cost, no notice period or minimum term.


90 days free trial – then £30+VAT per month (my regular charge) – no upfront cost, no notice period or minimum term. If you cancel in the first 90 days, there’s nothing to pay

How quickly can you set it up for us?

Normally within 8 working hours – often same day. I download and use your logo and other graphics from your website then I match the colours up. I then send you your login to the TruVal Admin Panel and you can change your own text, colours, graphics, postcode areas etc.

Frying Pan to Fire?

I hope not! I’ve been doing software for estate agents for nearly 40 years and I’m not going anywhere. I was the founder and chief exec of GMW then Expert Agent. I was lucky enough to sell both businesses. TruVal is a semi-retirement project – I really enjoy creating and running software businesses. This time, there’s just me – noone else to pay – so as long as I cover some very low monthly hosting costs, I’m making a profit!

However, I can provide further reassurance. Your MyVal tool was just a page on their server with a myval.co.uk address. Aside from the latest problem, an obscure web address is a deterrent to potential vendor click-throughs.

So, I help my customers set up a sub-domain – that’s a prefixed word (often ‘ Valuation’) plus a dot then your domain name – for example, https://valuation.rookmatthewssayer.co.uk/ and https://valuation.fenwicks-estates.co.uk/

Sub-domains are under your control. I help you point them at your TruVal page. You or your IT guy would need to access your domain settings then make some simple changes to create then point your new subdomain at your TruVal page – 10 minutes work maximum. You then use the sub-domain’s URL web address in your marketing. If you want to leave TruVal and move elsewhere, you just point the valuation sub-domain at another provider.

How do we manage, style and administer our TruVal landing page?

There’s a really good Admin Panel that lets you set things up and change things

Things you can change include

  • Postcode areas that you are happy to accept valuations in
  • which negotiator gets which enquiry
  • The level of ‘Vendor Only’ restriction
  • Web Traffic Management using Google Adwords
  • Traffic Measurement using Facebook Pixel

and lots more. All of the documentation for the Admin Panel is available by Clicking Here

What Training do we need?

None! The leads just arrive as emails

How do we sign up?

Choose whether you want a discounted rate for life or a 90-day free trial then just click Subscribe below

We still have unanswered questions

No worries! If you’ve looked at the video and demo site and looked at the documentation and still have some questions or worries, give me a ring on 07555 100950!